Michele F Cleveland
Michele F Cleveland
World Renowned Female Soprano Vocalist


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Dr. Alma Blackman Former professor of voice at Oakwood College University

"Michele you have silver lined vocal chords. You have the same richness and power in the bottom and top of your voice range"

Grace Bumbry Renowned Opera Singer and recipient of Kennedy Center Achievement Award

When in my concert audience, I sang at Miss Bumbry's Home Church - Urban Memorial United Methodist Church. What a surprise and honor it was. "I am surprised that you have the same and richness from the bottom of your vocal range to the top of your vocal range. Your vocal range is unbelievable"

Larnelle Harris 5 time Grammy winner

"Michele is an amazing artist in her own right"

Dr. Harold L. Cleveland Former President of Allegheny West Conference, Minister & Father

"Your spiritual connection with God and your gift of interpretation is what sets your talent apart from others. Never lose that connection"

Calvin L. Watkins Sr. President of Southwest Region Conference

“After listening to Michele Cleveland, one would have to conclude that her vocal cords have been touched by angels. What a pure unique experience to hear a voice that comes along only once in a lifetime. Her effortless smooth transitions leaves the listener spellbound. The voice is compelling and inspiring and like a magnet, draws you to it and leaves you wanting for the next note. Michele is the ultimate professional with great stage presence that will leave you cheering for more, long after she has finished. Highly recommended to both young and old, this voice connects to every generation. What a God-given gift to the body of believers.”

John Chambers Huntsville Times

"Cleveland's richness of tone had the communicativeness that gives it a persuasiveness sounding quite lovely, Ah my Savior". (Bach Christmas Oratorio)

Denise Cleveland-Leggett Regional Administrator, Region IV HUD

"It is an extreme pleasure to acknowledge the incredible gift that Michele Cleveland possesses. As my sister I have had the privilege of hearing this magnificent voice of an angel sing my entire life. When I was chosen by Dr. Ben Carson and appointed by The President to become the Regional Administrator for Region IV, I immediately requested her to sing for my swearing in inauguration ceremony. It was broadcast over all of my vast region. Although it has been three years I still get inquiries and comments about her beautiful voice. Michele has always unselfishly shared her God given talent throughout the country and that is why God continues to bless her endeavors"

Dr. Lloyd Mallory Head of Vocal and Choral Studies - Kentucky State University

"My sopranos want to be you when they grow up, they asked "will our voices sound as strong as hers?" You have got to keep singing. Praise God for your gift Ms. Cleveland. You have lead the way for all of us. The voice is healthy, vibrant, full of colors and your performance was amazing. Keep singing Ms. Cleveland. You deserve to be heard!"

(My former student Dr. Mallory is now my vocal coach)

Darrell Alexander Exceptional pianist and musician

"She is a Christian and truly loves the Lord. Her musical talent is a testimony of God's love for His children, and what happens when we give our talents back to God. Don't expect entertainment; expect a rich blessing to refresh your commitment to God, and to renew your relationship with Him. Hear Ye She! Michele's voice is likened unto an oasis in the desert--Refreshing"

Ralph H. Langley Former Pastor Emeritus of First Baptist Church Huntsville AL.

"I have known her since the early 1980's. We have featured her as a gifted and brilliant soloist. She stepped on stage in our First Baptist Church worship service(s) and LIVING CHRISTMAS TREE and knocked 'em dead! She has a dramatic and electrifying stage presence. Best of all she has the voice to match. Her personality is warm and contagiously Christian. I've been so inspired by her God-blessed talent. I have sponsored her in appearances in Birmingham - on TV at the Dawson Memorial Baptist Church. And she measured up-and more-to all my hopes and expectations"

Dr. Jessie M. Godley-Bradley Women's Ministry Leader Oakwood University

"Your vocal contributions will be remembered for a lifetime. Parishners are still experiencing great joy because they attended and enjoyed a beautiful experience"

John Chambers Huntsville Times - Speaks on the Christmas Pops Concert

"Soprano Michele Cleveland (in gorgeous and sumptuously rich sound), tenor Michael Hambrick and bass T. Marshall Kelly joined Tucker in this music and supplied the most sublime moments of the evening in the songs from Still's potpourri -- noticeably so in the Argentina Nicaragua, Venezuela, Canadian Indian and Brazil pieces"

Dr. Eurydice V. Osterman Composer, Organist, Lecturer

"Michele Cleveland, a woman of class and integrity, has a unique and powerful voice that has blessed many over the years within the United States and abroad. She is highly trained, has had a very successful teaching career, and is still going strong. Kudos"

Marjorie Johnston Director of music First Presbyterian Church Tuscaloosa

"And what a beautiful gift you gave to my friends at the parish. You could hear the applauses coming in I can't remember them all"

Mary Rice Yancey Former LT. GOV. Office - Special projects director at Georgia General Assembly

"It was 1989 prior to Maynard H. Jackson Atlanta Mayoral Election, when he stated exactly who he wanted to sing at his inauguration. After hearing Michele at Berean Church, his emphatic instructions were to 'locate and invite the talented daughter of Elder H. L. Cleveland from Alabama to sing at my swearing in ceremony'. After weeks of searching, we found the incomparable Michele Cleveland. Her rendition of 'Upon this Rock' was operatic, angelic and absolutely beautiful. The standing ovation she received would be matched only by the song's prophetic lyrics, the Mayor's legacy and the magnificent voice of Michele Cleveland"

Roger Ryan Pianist, Arranger, Producer and Record Executive

"Michele's voice transcends time. As a college student I had the honor of playing for her on many occasions. It was one of the highlights of my young music career. Even now her voice carries beauty, depth and expression whenever she sings. To listen to Michele is a beautiful experience. Once you've listened you will agree with me. Watch and listen for Michele's new chapter of artistry"

Steve Hettinger Former Mayor Huntsville, AL. 1990

"The most satisfying tasks are those combining quality and lasting value. Your participation in the second annual Mayor's Prayer Breakfast has this potential and contributed significantly to the success of the breakfast... Again, thank you for sharing your superb musical talents"

Donna Lee Rush Patron of the Arts, Member of 1972 USO Asian Performing Ensemble

"I first heard Michele when she was a guest soloist with the Church of Nativity Choir. The range and the clarity of her voice gave me chills. She ended on a note that nearly defied human hearing. The congregation broke into applause-which was very rare at that time! Michele returned to Nativity on several occasions and always blessed those present with her beautiful voice and delivery of sacred text"


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