The Voice of an Angel


Dr. Alma Blackman, Former professor of voice at Oakwood College/University, Renowned Musiscian:

"Michele, you have silver lined vocal chords. You have the same richness and power in the bottom and top of your voice range".

Grace Bumbry: Renowned Opera Singer & recipient of Kennedy Center Honors Achievement Award was in my concert audience. I sang at Miss Bumbry's Home Church - Union Memorial United Methodist Church. What a surprise and honor it was!

"I am amazed that you have the same power and richness from the bottom of your vocal range to the top of your vocal range. Your vocal range is unbelivable".

Larnelle Harris, 5 time Grammy winner:

"Michele is an amazing artist in her own right."

Dr. Jessie M. Godley-Bradley, Women's Ministries-Leader:

"Your excellent contributions will be remembered for a lifetime. Parishioners are still expressing great joy, because they attended and enjoyed a beautiful experience."

Marjorie Johnson, Minister of Music, St. Michaels Church - now associate manager of Chicago Symphony Orchestra:

"And what a beautiful gift you gave to my friends in this parish. You should hear the accolades coming in. I can't remember them all, but things like 'GRAND SLAM!', 'I've never heard anything like it', 'One email was titled "Musical Epiphany"', 'I could hear Lift Every Voice again and again', 'I've never known a woman who had a bigger range than a piano'". Majorie also had me audition for the vocal director of Chicago Symphony Orchestra, he replied "What a beautiful Instrument".

The Ministry of Music

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Happiest when I am singing,  my vocal ministry is an expression of "My conversation with God."  It has always been my desire to be an Instrument of service,  which is what "Ministry" means.  So as I serve you with my vocal gifts, it is my hope that you will experience my love for life and the depth of dedication. 

Life is not always good, Life is not always bad, but Life will go on with or without you. It is our choice to decide how it will continue.   

So as my Musical Ministry continues, I pray that HAPPINESS, SERVICE,  LOVE, and PEACE will permeate the rest of my journey.

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Michele Cleveland

Testimonials Cont.

Dr. H.L. Cleveland, Minister & Father:

"Your spiritual connection with God and your gift of interpretation is what sets your talent appart from others. Never lose that connection."

John Chambers, Huntsville Times; Speaks on the Bach Christmas Oratorio:

"Cleveland's richness of tone had the sort of communicativeness that gave it a special persuasiveness, sounding quite lovely in 'Ah, my savior'. ("Bach Christmas Oratorio")

 John Chambers, Huntsville Times; Speaks of the Christmas Pops Concert:

"Soprano Michele Cleveland (in gorgeous and sumptuosly rich sound!), tenor Michael Hambrick and bass T. Marshall Kelly joined Tucker in this music and supplied the most sublime moments of the evening in the songs from Still's potpourri."

Dr. Ralph H. Langley, Former pastor of First Baptist Church:

"I've been so inspired by her God-blessed talent. I have sponsored her in appearances in Huntsville and Birmingham  - on TV at - The Dawson Memorial Baptist Church and she measured up-and more-to all my hopes and expectations."

Darrell Alexander, exceptional pianist and musician:

"She is a Christian and truly loves the Lord. Her musical talent is a testimony of God's love for His children, and what happes when we give our talents back to God. Don't expect entertainment; expect a rich blessing to refresh your commitment to God, and to renew your relationship with Him. Hear Ye She! Michele's voice is likened unto an oasis in the desert--Refreshing."

Ann Rice Yancey - My host from the 1990 Inaugural Executive Committee:

"Maynard asked me to find this talented opera singer from Alabama - we did. Your performance matched your personality - AWESOME!"

Musical Engagement Highlights


Huntsville Symphony Orchestra